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National Bureau Of StandardsCalibration Principles and Procedures for Field Strength Meters (30Hz to 1 GHz) w/schematics 3701$40.00Add to Cart
National Bureau Of StandardsTechnical Note 790 Modular Interactive Data Acquistion System Description and Specification w/schematics 7901$20.00Add to Cart
National Bureau Of StandardsSpecial Publication 250 1970 Edition Calibration and Test Services 2501$60.00Add to Cart
National Bureau Of StandardsTechnical Not 1013 Using a TEM Cell for EMC Measurements of Electronic Equipment 10131$20.00Add to Cart
National Bureau Of StandardsMisc. Pub. 236 - 1967 Ed. Is. 1967NBS Standard Frequency and Time Services, Radio Stations WWV, WWVH, WWVB, WWVL Manual. 1 Original, 1 Copy NBS Standard Frequency and Time Services2$25.00Add to Cart
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