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MilitaryT.O.33A1-13-57-1Spectrum Analyzer Set Technical manual w/schematics. AN/UPM-841$30.00Add to Cart
MilitaryT.O.33K3-4-1984-1Oscilloscope Technical Manual 79041$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryT.O.33K3-4-53-1Electronic Counters & Associated Plug-In Units Technical Manual 5345A, Various1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryT.O.33K4-4-196-1Resonant Cavity Frequency Meter Calibration Manual AN/UPM-95, Various1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryT.O.33K4-4-3Coaxial Frequency Meters Calibration Procedure ASI, (FR, N400, WC-, 500,) Series, MARKS-22, LS-518, N604, WC-1217, WC-1628, WC-2335, WDA-940, WDB-2040, 232, 2335-4, 291A,B, 3301B, 405C, 806, 912-41$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTA 1157Technical Manual- Operation, Service, Maintenance, and Repair Instructions; Automatic altitude reporting encoders and altimeters test set TTU-229 A/E1$45.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-5083-1 / TO 33AA21-5-1 10/57Test Data for Electron Tube Test Sets TV-7U, 7A/U, 7B/U1$20.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-5083-1; TO 33AA21-5-1; (Rev. 6/16/60)Models TV-7/U, TV-7A/U, TV-7B/U, TV-7D/U Electron Tube Test SetsTube Test Data Manual. Includes Changes 1-4 TV-7/U, TV-7A/U, TV-7B/U, TV-7D/U1$30.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-5083-1; TO33AA21-5-1; (10/57)Models TV-7/U, TV-7A/U, TV-7B/U Electron Tube Test Sets, Tube Test Data Manual. Copy TV-7/U, TV-7A/U, TV-7B/U1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-5840-258-45/1 (10/20/67)Model AN/UPA-39 Coder-Decoder Group Calibration Procedure AN/UPA-391$20.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-5841-267-35 (1/9/80)Model AN/GPM-60 Doppler Simulator Calibration Procedure AN/GPM-601$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-1668-35 (11/6/81)Models AN/GGM-15(V)1, AN/GGM-15(V)2 Telegraph Test Set Calibration Procedure AN/GGM-15(V)1, AN/GGM-15(V)21$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-1669-35 1 (9/27/67)Model AN/ASM-129 Attitude Indicator Test Set Calibration Procedure AN/ASM-1291$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-205-35/2 (11/7/66)Model TS-974/U Radio Test Set Calibration Procedure TS-974/U1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-206-35/1 (2/25/66)Model AN/URM-113 Radio Test Set Calibration Procedure AN/URM-1131$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-209-35/1-1 (11/27/67)Model TS-629D/U Audio Level Test Panel Calibration Procedure TS-629D/U1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-2120-35 (8/1/83)Models AN/USM-159, AN/USM-159A, AN/USM-159B, FR-149, FR-149A, FR-149B Frequency Meter Calibration Procedure AN/USM-159, AN/USM-159A, AN/USM-159B, FR-149, FR-149A, FR-149B1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-216-35/1 (7/7/67)Oscilloscope Calibration Procedure OS-25/G & OS-25A/G1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-222-35-2 (7/21/66)Calibration Procedure for Decibel Meters ME-22/PCM and ME-22A/PCM, P/O Telephone Test Set TS-140/PCM ME-22/PCM, ME-22A/PCM, TS-140/PCM1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-22-35-1 (2/27/67)Models SG-15/PCM, SG-15A/PCM Signal Generators, Part Of Telephone Test Set TS-140/PCM: Calibration Procedure. SG-15/PCM, SG-15A/PCM1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-238-35/1 (11/17/67)Calibration Procedure for Telephone Carrier System Test Facilities Kit MK-155/TCC MK-155/TCC1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-2480-35 (6/16/80)Model TS-2320/GG Teletypewriter Test Set Calibration Procedure TS-2320/GG1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-2610-35; (6/5/80)Model AN/TPM-25A Radar Test Set Calibration Procedure AN/ TPM-25A1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-274-12/1 (1/17/62)Models TV-7/U, T-7A/U, TB-7B/U, TV-7D/U Electron Tube Test Sets, Tube Test Data. Copy TV-7/U, T-7A/U, TB-7B/U, TV-7D/U2$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-284-35/1 (3/25/66)Model AN/URM-80 Frequency Meter Calibration Procedure AN/URM-801$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-303-35/2Model AN/UPM-100 Electrical Power Test Set Calibration Procedure AN/UPM-1001$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-303-35/2 (8/19/66)Model AN/UPM-100 Electrical Power Test Set Calibration Procedure AN/UPM-1001$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-314-35/1 (4/1/66)Models AN/USM-33, ME-79/USM-33, ME-79A/USM-33 Multimeter Calibration Procedure AN/USM-33, ME-79/USM-33, ME-79A/USM-331$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-370-12C (12/17/63)Telegraph Test Sets Operator & Organizational Periodic Preventive Maintenance Services Manual. No Schematics AN/PGM-1 & AN/PGM-1A1$15.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-396-35/1 (3/3/66)Model TS-805C/U Stroboscope Calibration Procedure TS-805C/U1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-442-45/1 (7/13/67)Multimeters Calibration Procedure AN/PRM-15, AN/PRM-15X1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-450-10/1 (7/29/68)Models TS-183/U, TS-183A/U, TS-183B/U Test Data for Battery Testers. Copy TS-183/U, TS-183A/U, TS-183B/U3$20.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-486-35/1 (1/9/68)Model AN/USM-159 Frequency Meter Calibration Procedure AN/USM-1591$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6625-554-35/1 (11/6/67)Model FR-40/GSM-1, FR40A/GSM-1 Electrical Frequency Meter Calibration Procedure FR-40/GSM-1, FR40A/GSM-11$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 11-6626-2828-35 (2/16/81)Model TS-3641/G (Harris 7002) Error Rate Counter Calibration Procedure TS-3641/G (Harris 7002)1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 43-0001-9-3 (10/76)Model 3d QTR, CY-76 Electronics Command, Equipment Improvement Report and Maintenance Digest Manual. Various Machines. AT-912/VRC, RC-292, AN/TTC-7, AN/TCC-7A, AN/TSQ-98, AN/TSQ-36, AN/TSQ-36A, OH-58A, UH-1, AN/TPX-46(V) 1,2,3,4,6, OH-6A, AN/TSQ-38, AN/USM-28/C, RO-314/G, RO-315/G, AN/PIQ-5A, AN/APN-22, AN/FRR-79,An/TRQ-23, An/ARC-114A, AN/GRC-103(V), AN/VRC-12, AN/FRT-771$30.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 9-4910-515-35 (9/1/83)Fuel Pump Test Stand, Bacharach, SP 8100 Calibration Procedure SP 81001$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 9-4910-532-35 (1/18/85)Model MIL-T-52585 (ME) Portable Hydraulic System Tester Calibration Procedure MIL-T-52585 (ME)1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 9-4910-552-35 (7/6/84)Bacharach Model 67-7057 & Kent-Moore Model J8686BG Injector Comparator Calibration Procedure 67-7057, J8686BG1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 9-4910-556-35 (12/12/83)Model STE-M1/FVS Test Set Calibration Procedure STE-M1/FVS1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 9-4920-358-35 (11/21/84)Model AN/APM-378 Transponder Test Set Calibration Procedure AN/APM-3781$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 9-4931-402-35 (4/12/85)Models AN/GSM-286, AN/GSM-287 Cross-Check Procedure for Components of the Secondary Transfer Calibration Standards Set AN/GSM-286, AN/GSM-2871$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 9-4931-402-35 (6/19/81)Models AN/GSM-256, AN/GSM-259, AN/GSM-286, AN/GSM-287 Cross-Check Procedure for components of the secondary transfer calibration standards set AN/GSM-256, AN/GSM-259, AN/GSM-286, AN/GSM-2871$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 9-4935-552-50-2 (10/85)Models TA-114 Intensity Test Source, TA-437 IR Probe Calibration Procedures TA-114, TA-4371$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 9-5120-202-35 (4/9/85)Models MSC00663, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & MSC00670,1, 2, 3, 4 Torque Wrenches And Torque Screwdrivers Calibration Procedure MSC0066(x),MSC0067(x)1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 9-6625-1041-50 3/7/69Maganavox Digital Pattern Generator Calibrabration Procedure 1001A & TS-1671/G1$15.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 9-6625-1045-35 (1/22/82)Calibration Procedure for AC Ammeter ME-65/U, ME-65A/U and Weston Models 155 and 904 ME-65/U, ME-65A/U & Weston Models 155, 9041$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 9-6625-1083-35 (12/21/79)Model AN/URM-91 Field Strength Meter Calibration Procedure AN/URM-911$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 9-6625-1097-50 (8/30/79)Model SG770/U (HP 241A) Oscillator Calibration Procedure SG770/U (HP 241A)1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 9-6625-1214-50 (9/8/69)Model CH-7 Style 827X51 Recording Volt-Ammeter Calibration Procedure CH-71$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB 9-6625-1254-50 (6/19/69)Models B15, B15R Pulse Generator Calibration Procedure B15, B15R1$20.00Add to Cart
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