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MilitaryTB 9-6626-955-35 (1/23/85)Models AN/ARM-5, AN/ARM-5A Radio Test Set Calibration Procedure AN/ARM-5, AN/ARM-5A1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB-11-6625-261-35 (9/4/78)Model TS-382(*)/U Audio Oscillators Calibration Procedure TS-382A/U, TS-382B/U, TS-382D/U, TS-382E/U, TS-382F/U1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB11-6625-274-12/1 (1/17/68)Electron Tube Test Sets: Test Data Bulletin TV-7/U, TV-7A/U, TV-7B/U, TB-7D/U1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB11-6625-314-35/1 (4/1/66)Multimeter: Calibration Procedure Bulletin. ME-79/USM-33, ME-79A/USM-33, AN/USM-331$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB9-6625-1066-50 (2/69)Dual-Trace Plug-in Unit Calibration Procedure 1A11$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB9-6625-1072-50 (2/69)Plug-in Test Unit Calibration Procedure 84, 067-0523-001$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB9-6625-1107-50 (2/69)Time Mark Generator Calibration Procedure 1811$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB9-6625-1150-50 (3/17/69)Unit Pulse Generator and Unit Pulser: Calibration Procedure Bulletin 1217C, 1217A1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB9-6625-1167-50 (1/30/69)Signal Generator Calibration Procedure SG-479/G, 606A, 606AR1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB9-6625-1174-50 (2/69)Oscilloscope Calibration Procedure 565, RM5651$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB9-6625-1178-50 (8/69)Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter Calibration Procedure 2681$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB9-6625-1193-50 (1/69)Oscilloscope Calibration Procedure. Change 1 To Calibration Procedure Only 315, 315D1$8.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB9-6625-1197-50 (1/9/69)Wave and Power Meter Set Calibration Procedure TS-107A/TPM-11$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB9-6625-1212-50 (3/69)Oscilloscope with Dual-Trace Amplifier Plug-in and Time Base Plug-in Calibration Procedure 647, 10A2, 11B21$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB9-6625-1262-50 (5/2/69)Frequency and Deviation Meter Calibration Procedure T1020A1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB9-6625-1297-50 (6/69)Spectrum Analyzer Calibration Procedure 1L101$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTB9-6625-2070-35 (5/14/82)Calibration Procedure for Decibel Meters ME-22/PCM and ME-22A/PCM, P/O Telephone Test Set TS-140/PCM ME-22/PCM, ME-22A/PCM, TS-140/PCM1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTEMO-651-010A; TM 11-5815-349-14/1 Rev 11/16/70Model TT-558/G Line Printer Operating and Maintenance Manual: Volume II of IV. Sold Only As A Set With Vols. I, III & IV TT-558/G1Request a QuoteRequest a Quote
MilitaryTEMO-651-020A; TM 11-5815-349-14/2; Rev 11/16/70Model TT-558/G Line Printer Operating and Maintenance Manual: Volume III of IV. Sold Only As A Set With Vols. I, II & IV TT-558/G1Request a QuoteRequest a Quote
MilitaryTEMO-651-030A; TM 11-5815-349-14/3; Rev 11/16/70Model TT-558/G Line Printer Operating and Maintenance Manual: Volume I of IV. Sold Only As A Set With Vols. II, III & IV TT-558/G1$200.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTEMO-651-040A; TM 11-5815-349-14/4 Rev 11/16/70Model TT-558/G Line Printer Operating and Maintenance Manual, Schematics and Diagrams Volume IV of IV. Sold Only As A Set With Vols. I, II & III TT-558/G1Request a QuoteRequest a Quote
MilitaryTM 10-7400-201-10 (4/64)Models IBM Standard Typewriter, Director 200 Add/Subtract Machine, 110 Volt 10 Key Adding Machine: Office Machines Operator's Manual. IBM 632, MT/ST, 200, Remington-Rand 2,3, 94, 981$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-2017; TO 33A1-12-38-1 (3/55)Models TS-26/TSM, TS-26A/TSM, TS-26B/TSM Telephone Test Sets Operating and Maintenance Manual w/Schematics. Includes Change Pages TS-26/TSM, TS-26A/TSM, TS-26B/TSM1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-2069 (11/47)Model TS-420/U Cable Splicer's Test Set Operating & Maintenance Manual w/Schematic. Copy. Includes Changes 1 & 3 & Supplement. Copy TS-420/U1$40.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-2094; TO 16-35TS559-5 (10/51)Model TS-559A/FT Transmission Measuring Set Operating & Maintenance Manual w/Schematics. Includes Changes 1-4 & Calibration Procedure TS-559A/FT1$40.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-214-15 (1/58)Model AN/URM-94 Radio Test Set Operating & Service Manual w/Schematics AN/URM-941$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-2230; TO 31W4-2FGC-191 (5/20/57)Models AN/FGC-20, AN/FGC-20X, AN/FGC-21 Teletypewriter Sets Change 2 Only To Technical Manual TM 11-2230 AN/FGC-20, AN/FGC-20X, AN/FGC-211$20.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-2248, TO 31W4-2FGC-201 (2/57)Models AN/FGC-38, AN/FGC-38X, AN/FGC-39 Teletypewriter Sets Operating and Service Manual w/Wiring Diagrams AN/FGC-38, AN/FGC-38X, AN/FGC-391$200.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-2443/TO 31M5-2GMQ11-1 (12/14/54)AN/GMQ-11 Wind Measuring Set Instruction Manual w/Schematics AN/GMQ-111$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-2585 (1945)Model ED-1 Lewyt Type Amplifier Operating & Service Manual w/Schematics. ED-11$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-2634 (9/50)Models TS-460/U, TS-460A/U, TS-460B/U Impedance Bridges Operating & Maintenance Manual w/Schematics TS-460/U, TS-460A/U, TS-460B/U1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-2652 (12/30/53)Crystal Impedance Meter: Operating and Maintenance Manual w/ Schematics. TS-638/TSM1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-2652 (11/53)Model TS-683/TSM Crystal Impedance Meter Operating & Maintenance Manual w/Schematics. Includes Changes 1, 2 & 3 TS-683/TSM1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-2652 C1,2,3Crystal Impedance Meter: Operating Instruction Bulletins. TS-638/TSM, TS-638A/TSM1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-2657C (11/46)Signal Generator Operating & Maintenance Manual w/Schematics. 3 Originals, 1 Copy TS-155C/UP4$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-2657C, TO33A1-8-64-1 (6/26/57)Signal Generators Change 5 Pages TS-155C/UP, TS-155E/UP3$15.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-2657C; TO 33A1-8-64-1 (Rev. 6/26/57)Model TS-155C/UP Signal Generator Operating and Maintenance Manual w/Schematics. Includes Pages for Change 5 TS-155C/UP1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-300 (7/20/44)Frequency Meter Sets Operating & Maintenance Manual w/Schematics SCR-211-(A,B,C,D,E,F,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,T,AA,AC,AE,AF,AG,AH,AJ,AK,AL)1$45.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5014; TO 33A1-3-75-1 (5/57)Models TS-538/U, TS-538A/U, TS-538B/U, TS-538C/U Test Sets Operating & Maintenance Manual. No Schematics. Includes Pages For Changes 1 & 4. Copy TS-538/U, TS-538A/U, TS-538B/U, TS-538C/U1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5019 (3/57)Model AN/URM-89 Field Strength Meter Operating & Service Manual w/Schematics. Includes Change 1 AN/URM-891$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5030; T.O. 33A1-8-91-11 (12/50)Model TS-497A/URR Signal Generator Operating & Maintenance Manual w/Schematics TS-497A/URR5$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5052, TO 16-35TS537-5 (1951)Crystal Impedance Meter Operating & Maintenance Manual w/Schematics. Copy TS-537/TSM1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5057 (11/57)Model AN/USM-26 Frequency Meter Operating Manual Only. Service Sections Missing AN/USM-261$20.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5083 / TO 33AA21-5-11Electron Tube Test Sets Technical Manual w/schematics TV-7/U & TV-7A/U1$20.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5088 (12/54)Model SG-71/FCC Signal Generator Operating and Maintenance Manual w/Schematics. Includes Change Pages SG-71/FCC1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5097 (TO 33A1-5-64-1) 01/57Spectrum Analyzer Technical Manual w/schematics TS-723A/U1$40.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5097; TO 33A1-5-64-1 (1/57)Model TS-723A/U Spectrum Analyzer Operating & Maintenance Manual w/Schematics. TS-723A/U2$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5106, TO 33D7-7-4-11 (3/56)Model TS-710/TSM Quartz Crystal Unit Test Set Operating & Maintenance Manual w/Simplified Schematics Only TS-710/TSM31$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5109 (12/55)IM-92/U Coaxial Slotted Line Technical Manual. No Schematic IM-92/U1$30.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5120; T.O. 33A1-5-65-1Model AN/URM-32 Frequency Meter: Technical Manual, Technical Order w/ Schematics. Army and Air Force. (5/57) AN/URM-322$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5120; TO 33A1-5-65-1 (7/18/63)Models AN/URM-32, AN/URM-32A, PP-1243/U Frequency Meters & Power Supply Change 3 Pages For TM 11-5120, T.O. 33A1-5-65-1 AN/URM-32, AN/URM-32A, PP-1243/U1$15.00Add to Cart
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