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MilitaryTM 11-5106, TO 33D7-7-4-11 (3/56)Model TS-710/TSM Quartz Crystal Unit Test Set Operating & Maintenance Manual w/Simplified Schematics Only TS-710/TSM31$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5109 (12/55)IM-92/U Coaxial Slotted Line Technical Manual. No Schematic IM-92/U1$30.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5120; T.O. 33A1-5-65-1Model AN/URM-32 Frequency Meter: Technical Manual, Technical Order w/ Schematics. Army and Air Force. (5/57) AN/URM-322$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5120; TO 33A1-5-65-1 (7/18/63)Models AN/URM-32, AN/URM-32A, PP-1243/U Frequency Meters & Power Supply Change 3 Pages For TM 11-5120, T.O. 33A1-5-65-1 AN/URM-32, AN/URM-32A, PP-1243/U1$15.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5544-15 (5/58)Model AN/URM-7 Radio Interference Measuring Set Operating & Maintenance Manual w/Schematics AN/URM-71$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5544-15 (5/58)Radio Interference Measuring Set: Operating and Maintenance Manual w/ Schematics. AN/URM-71$30.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5544-15 (5/8/58)Radio Interference Measuring Set: Operating and Maintenance Manual w/ Schematics. AN/URM-71$50.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5544-15 (5/8/58) (AGO 6007A-May)Radio Interference Measuring Set: Operating and Maintenance Manual w/ Schematics. AN/URM-71$50.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5805-246-10 (6/20/60)Model TH-5/TG Telegraph Terminal Operating & Maintenance Manual No Schematics. Includes Changes 5 & 7 TH-5/TG1$30.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5805-356-12 (1/66)Model AN/TCC-29 Terminal Telegraph-Telephone Operating and Maintenance Manual. No Schematics AN/TCC-291$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5805-356-35 (12/66)Model AN/TCC-29 Terminal, Telegraph-Telephone Including TH-22/TG and CV-425/U Operating and Maintenance Manual w/Schematics. AN/TCC-29, TH-22/TG, CV-425/U1$45.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5815-206-12 (4/59)Models AN/PGC-1, TT-4A/TG, TT4B/TG Teletypewriters: Operation & Organizational Maintenance Manual, No Schematics AN/PGC-1, TT-4A/TG, TT4B/TG1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5820-398-10 Change 4 (7/30/65)Model AN/PRC-25 Radio Set Operator's Manual AN/PRC-251$30.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5820-529-14Model RT-718, CK-31, PP-3990 and PP-4451 technical manual w/schematics. RT-718, CK-31, PP-3990 and PP-44511$30.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5820-554-20P-2Control, Radio Set Organizational Maintenance Repair parts and special tools list C-6118/FRC-931$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5820-554-24PModel AN/FRC-93 Radio set operating and service manual (07/1973) AN/FRC-931$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5820-554-24P-4Model PP-3990/FRC-93, PP-4151/FRC-93, PP-4765/GRC-159(V), and MP-1 Power supplies Technical manual organizational, direct support and general general support maintenance repair parts and special tools list. (03/18/1981) PP-3990/FRC-93, PP-4151/FRC-93, PP-4765/GRC-159(V), and MP-11$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5820-554-34-2Model C-6118/FRC-93 and C-7515/FRC-93 Direct support and general support maintenance manual Control, Radio set technical manual C-6118/FRC-93 and C7515/FRC-931$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5820-554-34-4Model PP-3990/FRC-93, PP-4151/FRC-93, PP-4765/GRC-159(V), 516E-2, MP-1 Technical manual (06/1976) w/schematics PP-3990/FRC-93, PP-4151/FRC-93, PP-4765/GRC-159(V), 516E-2, MP-11$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5820-599-34P (3/74)Model AN/FRT-77 Radio Transmitting Set Direct and General Support Maintenance Manual. Parts Lists, Parts Layouts & Mechanical Diagrams. No Schematics AN/FRT-771$200.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5821-204-12 (11/30/60)Model AN/ARC-44 Radio Set Operating and Service Manual. No Schematics AN/ARC-441$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5821-244-12 (3/24/64)Model AN/ARC-54 Radio Set Operator and Organizational Maintenance Manual. No Schematics AN/ARC-541$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5840-258-14 (9/61)Model AN/UPA-39 Coder-Decoder Group Operating & Maintenance Manual w/Schematics. AN/UPA-391$45.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5841-241-12 (3/27/64)Model AN/APN-158 Radar Set Operating & Maintenance Manual. No Schematics AN/APN-1583$30.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-5965-202-15P (10/15/62)Models H-33E/PT, H-33F/PT Handsets Operator, Organizational, Field and Depot Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tool Lists H-33E/PT, H-33F/PT1$20.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-600 (3/25/43)Models SCR-508-(*), SCR-528-(*), SCR-538-(*) Radio Sets Operating and Service Manual w/Schematics. SCR-508-(*), SCR-528-(*), SCR-538-(*)1$80.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-1634-15; (1/70)Model AN/URM-101B Radio Test Set Operating & Service Manual w/Schematics. Copy AN/URM-101B1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-1714-12 (1/69)Model ZM-61/U Bridge Capacitance-Inductance-Resistance Operating & Service Manual w/Partial Schematic Only ZM-61/U1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-1729-15 (8/69)Radar Test Set: Operator's Organizational, DS, GS, and Depot Maintenance Manual w/ Schematics AN/UPM-1351$50.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-1748-12 (5/71)Model AN/USM-306(V)1 Test Set, Radio Operating & Service Manual. No Schematics AN/USM-306(V)11$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-200-12 (2/59)ME-26B/U Multimeter Operation and Maintenance Manual. No Schematics ME-26B/U1$30.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-205-35; TO 33A-3-110-2; (3/59)Models TS-971/G, TS-974/U Radio Test Sets Operating & Maintenance Manual w/Schematics. TS-971/G, TS-974/U1$40.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-213-35 (5/8/64)Models TS-538/U, TS-538A/U, TS-538B/U, TS-538C/U Test Sets Maintenance Manual w/Schematics. 1 Original, 1 Copy TS-538/U, TS-538A/U, TS-538B/U, TS-538C/U2$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-218-12 6/59 T.O. 33A1-5-73-11Frequency Meter Operation and Organizational Maintenance AN/TSM-163$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-218-12 (6/59)Model AN/TSM-16 Frequency Meter Operation & Maintenance Manual. No Schematics. Includes Changes 1 & 2 AN/TSM-161$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-220-10 (9/58)Model TS-488A/UP Echo Box Operating Manual TS-488A/UP1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-228-12Radar Test SEt: Operating and Organizational Maintenance Manual. AN/UPM-60A1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-229-10 (6/59)Model AN/USM-45 Frequency Calibrator Operating & Service Manual w/Schematics AN/USM-451$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-2384-15 (2/71)Model AN/USM-272 Signal Generator Operating & Service Manual w/Schematics AN/USM-2721$40.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-251-15 (7/66)Signal Generator and Decibel Meter Test Set Organizational, DS, GS, And Depot Maintenance Manual w/Schematics. TS-140/PCM, SG-15/PCM, SG-15A/PCM, ME-22/PCM, ME-22A/PCM3$40.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-261-12 (4/12/61)Audio Oscillators Operator's & Organizational Maintenance Manual. No Schematics TS-382A/U, TS-382B/U, TS-382D/U, TS-382E/U, TS-382F/U1$30.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-269-12 (8/21/61)Model TS-810/U Crystal Calibrator Operating & Maintenance Manual. No schematics. Includes Changes 1 & 2 TS-810/U1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-2697-14 (2/77)Model AN/USM-44C Signal Generator Operating & Maintenance Manual w/Schematics AN/USM-44C3$40.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-2781-14&P (6/77)Technical Manual for Spectrum Analyzer IP-1216(P)/GR (Hewlett-Packard Model 141T) w/schematics IP-1216(P)/GR1$40.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-283-12 (7/31/63)Models TS-452B/U, TS-452C/U Signal Generators Operating and Maintenance Manual. No Schematics TS-452B/U, TS-452C/U1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-2942-50 (8/9/83)Model TS-3920/ASM Test Set, Stabilization System Calibration Procedure TS-3920/ASM1$25.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-2954-14&P (1/30/80)Model SG-1144/U Signal Generator Operating & Maintenance Manual w/Schematics SG-1144/U1$60.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-3029-14 (1/29/83)Model SG-1170/U (Wavetek 3001) Signal Generator Operating & Maintenance Manual w/Schematics. SG-1170/U (Wavetek 3001)1$60.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-3050-40 (12/22/83)Model SG-1205(V)1/U Pulse Signal Generator Operating & Maintenance Manual w/Schematics. SG-1205(V)1/U1$100.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-3051-12 (9/6/85)Model SG-1171/U (Wavetek 148A) Signal Generator Operating & Maintenance Manual. No Schematics SG-1171/U (Wavetek 148A)1$35.00Add to Cart
MilitaryTM 11-6625-3052-14 January 1984Digital Multimeter Instruction Manual. No Schematics AN/PSM-451$35.00Add to Cart
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