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Julie Research LabsModels AC-152, AC-153 Precision Polyphase AC Power Sources Instruction Manual w/schematics AC-152, AC-1531$40.00Add to Cart
Julie Research LabsModels AVS-106 & DVS-106 Direct Voltage Source Instruction Manual w/schematic AVS-106 & DVS-1061$20.00Add to Cart
Julie Research LabsModels BA107 & 108 Buffer Amplifier Instruction Manual w/schematic BA107 & 1081$20.00Add to Cart
Julie Research LabsModel DCS-105 Direct Current Source Instruction Manual w/schematics DCS-1051$40.00Add to Cart
Julie Research LabsDVA-106 DC Precision Voltage Source Operation and Maintenance Instructions w/schematics (11/02/70) DVA-1061$40.00Add to Cart
Julie Research LabsModel ND-106 Null Detector Instruction Manual w/schematics (for Serial #100 and under) ND-1062$25.00Add to Cart
Julie Research LabsNanovolt Extender Instruction Manual w/schematic ND-1071$20.00Add to Cart
Julie Research LabsPrimary Standard Resistance Bridge Low Range Extender Instruction Manual w/schematics PRB-205L Mod. 22$20.00Add to Cart
Julie Research LabsPrimary Standard Resistance Measuring System w/schematic PRB-205S1$20.00Add to Cart
Julie Research LabsPrecision Voltage Current Potentiometer Operating Instructions PVC-5042$20.00Add to Cart
Julie Research Labs"High Voltage Auxiliary" Instruction Manual PVC-504HV1$15.00Add to Cart
Julie Research LabsUniversal Standard Potentiometer Mod. 2 Instruction Manual w/schematics PVP-1001J Mod. 21$25.00Add to Cart
Julie Research LabsAC/DC Differential Voltmeter Instruction Manual w/schematics TDV-10001$40.00Add to Cart
Julie Research LabsPVP61664Precision Voltage Potentiometer Systems Instruction Manual w/schematics PVP 1000S, PVP 110N, PVPD 5021$20.00Add to Cart
Julie Research LabsSCO92663Primary Standard Absolute Voltage Reference Instruction Manual w/schematic SCO-1065$20.00Add to Cart
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