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General Radio683-CModel 874-VI Voltmeter Indicator: Operating Instruction Sheet. Photocopy. 874-VI1$5.00Add to Cart
General Radio683-CVoltmeter Indicator - Operation Instruction w/schematic 874-VI2$5.00Add to Cart
General Radio684-GLight Meter Operation Instruction Manual w/ Schematics 1501-A1$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio685-D907-WA,-WB & 908-WA,-WB: Gear Drive Precision Dials - Mounting Instruction Book - March 1957 907-WA,-WB & 908-WA,-WB1$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio688-D (2/54)Model 1611-A Capacitance Test Bridge: Operating and Maintenance Manual. 1611-A1$25.00Add to Cart
General Radio695-AModel 760-A Sound Analyzer: Operating and Maintenance Instruction Manual. 760-A1$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio695-BModel 760-B Sound Analyzer: Operating and Maintenance Instruction Manual. 1 Photocopy. 1 Original. 760-B2$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio695-CSound Analyzer - Operation & Service Manual w/schematics 760-B1$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio696-FModel 1105-A Frequency Measuring Equipment: Operating Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. (6/60) 1105-A1$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio719-F (08/1957)Model 1552-B Sound-Level Calibrator operating instructions. 1552-B1$25.00Add to Cart
General Radio728-DModel 1021-AU, 1021-AV Standard-Signal Generator: Operating and Mainatenance Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. (5/57) 1021-AU, 1021-AV1$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio730-EModel 874-GA Adjustable Attenuator: Operating Instruction Manual. 1 Original (2/58). 1 Photocopy (4/60). 874-GA1$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio732-G 6/57Unit Oscillator Operating Instructions Manual w/Schematics. 1209-B:1$15.00Add to Cart
General Radio732-H 3/58Unit Oscillator Operating Instructions. 1209-B & 1209-BL:1$15.00Add to Cart
General Radio735-BTwo-Signal Audio Generator Operations and Service Manual w/schematics (3/1954) 1303-A1$30.00Add to Cart
General Radio736-CBolometer Bridge Instruction Manual w/ Schematic (1955) 1651-A2$30.00Add to Cart
General Radio741-D1602-B Admittance Meter Instruction Manual (Feb 1954) 1602-B1$35.00Add to Cart
General Radio760-AResistance Limit Bridge Operating Instruction Manual w/ Schematics (1951) 1652-A4$30.00Add to Cart
General Radio762-B 3/53Variable Power Supply Operating Instructions. 1204-B:1$15.00Add to Cart
General Radio767-AType 71-A Variac Transformer Operations and Service Manual 71-A1$5.00Add to Cart
General Radio767-BModel 71-A Variac Transformer: Operating Instructions. 71-A1$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio767-BVariac Transformer - Operating Instructions 71-A2$5.00Add to Cart
General Radio768-GModel 1551-A Sound Level Meter: Operating Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. 1 Orig., 1 Copy. (10/55) 1551-A1$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio786-D 1/57Unit Time/Frequency Calibrator Operating Instructions. 1213-C:1$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio795-AModels: 219 Decade Condenser and 380 Decade-Capacitor Unit: Specifications Sheet. (7/52) 219, 3801$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio802-D 3/58Unit Oscillator Operating Instructions. March 1958. 1211-B:1$15.00Add to Cart
General Radio812-BModel V-2 Variac: Operating Instruction Sheet. V-21$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio812-BV-2 Variac Mechanical Specifications & Operating Instructions V-29$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio812-CVariac Mechanical Specifications & Operating Instructions V-24$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio821-DType 1701-AM Variac Speed Control (05/60) for 1/15 H.P. D-C Shunt Motor 1701-AM1$5.00Add to Cart
General Radio824-A874-QV2A Adaptor to 1 5/8" 51.5-OHM VHF Rigid Coaxial Transmission Line - Operating Instructions 874-QV2A4$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio824-AModel 874-QV2A Adaptor to 1 5/8" 51.5-OHM VHF Rigid Coaxial Transmission Line: Operating Instruction Manual. Photocopy. 874-QV2A1$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio834-BDecade Resistor & Decade-Resistance Unit Operating Instructions. November 1957. 1432 & 510:1$15.00Add to Cart
General Radio836-AModel M-2 Variac: Operating Instruction Sheet. M-21$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio840-AModel 874-QV3 Adaptor to 3 1/8" 51.5-OHM VHF Rigid Coaxial Transmission Line: Operating Instruction Manual. Photocopy. 874-QV31$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio841-C (09/1956)Type 1307-A Transistor oscillator operating instructions. 1307-A1$25.00Add to Cart
General Radio847-AModel M-2G2, M-2G3, M-5G2, M-5G3, M-10G2, M-10G3 Ganged Autotransformers: Operating Instruction Sheet. (5/64) M-2G2, M-2G3, M-5G2, M-5G3, M-10G2, M-10G31$15.00Add to Cart
General Radio860-C1570-A Automatic Line Voltage Regulator Operating and Maintenance Instruction Manual w/ Schematic (Aug 1955) 1590-A3$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio861-AModels V-2G2, V02G3 Ganged Variac Autotransformers: Operating Instruction Sheet. (9/54) V-2G2, V02G31$15.00Add to Cart
General Radio861-AGanged Variac Autotransformers Operating Instruction Sheet {09/54} V-2G2, V-2G38$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio888-CModel 874-FR Rejection Filter 874-FR1$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio893-D 4/59Unit R-C Oscillator & Detector a Operating Instructions. 1210-C & 1210-P1:1$15.00Add to Cart
General Radio898-BType 1750-A Sweep Drive Operation and Service Manual w/schematics (04/57) 1750-A6$30.00Add to Cart
General Radio903-DModel 874-W200 Coaxial Standard: Operating Instruction Manual. Photocopy. Original. (2/60) 874-W2002$15.00Add to Cart
General Radio904-AModel 874-QU2 Adaptor: Instruction Sheet. (3/59) 874-QU21$5.00Add to Cart
General Radio904-A874-QU2 Adaptor Instruction Sheet 874-QU23$5.00Add to Cart
General Radio910-AModel 874-MD Slotted-Line Motor Drive: Operating and Maintenance Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. (10/55) 874-MD1$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio911-BModel 1021-AW Standard-Signal Generator: Operating and Maintenance Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. (4/56) 1021-AW1$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio912-D 7/59Unit Regulated Power Supply Operating Instructions. 1201-B:1$15.00Add to Cart
General Radio913-AVariac Autotransformers (with DURATRAK Construction) Operating Instruction Sheets W52$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio913-BVariac Autotransformers [w/DURATRAK Construction] - Operating Instructions W51$10.00Add to Cart
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