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General Radio1796-0160-CGR CAPS-X/APG for CAPS/APG Equipped Test Systems Instruction Manual CAPS-X/APG1$85.00Add to Cart
General Radio1796-0161-CTest Systems and Programming Stations Test Programming Instruction Manual 1792, 1795, 1796, 1799, and 17971$60.00Add to Cart
General Radio1799-0106-GTest Systems Volume 2 Maintenance 1796, 1799, and 1795-B1$95.99Add to Cart
General Radio1806-0120-AType 1806-AR Electronic Voltmeter Operations and Service Manual w/schematics (2/1964) 1806-AR7$30.00Add to Cart
General Radio1840-0100-C (04/1964)Type 1840-A Output power meter operating instructions w/schematics. 1840-A1$25.00Add to Cart
General Radio1862-0100-HMegohmmeter Operating Instructions 1862-B1$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio1862-0100-H (10/1961)Type 1862-B Megohmmeter operating instructions w/schematics. 1862-B3$25.00Add to Cart
General Radio1862-0100-JModel 1862-C Megohmmeter: Operating Instrucitons w/ Schematics. 1 Orig. (7/64) 1 Copy. (3/66) 1862-C1$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio1863-0100-AMegohmmeters Instruction Manual w/schematics [COPY] 1863/18641$40.00Add to Cart
General Radio1863-0100-AMegohmmeters Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. [February 1969] 1863 /GR18641$35.00Add to Cart
General Radio1863-0100-DMegohmmeters Instruction Manual w/schematics GR1863 /GR18641$35.00Add to Cart
General Radio1863-0100-FMegohmmeters Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. 1863 & 18641$35.00Add to Cart
General Radio1863-0100-GMegohmmeters: Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. (8/80) 1863, 18641$25.00Add to Cart
General Radio1900-0100-CModel 1900-A Wave Analyzer/1910-A Recording Wave Analyzer: Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. (6/67) 1900-A, 1910-A2$25.00Add to Cart
General Radio1911-0100-BModel 1911 Recording Sound and Vibration Analyzer: Instruction Manual w/ Schematic Circuit Diagram. (2/68) 19111$15.00Add to Cart
General Radio1912-0100-AModel 1912 Third-Octave Recording Analyzer: Instruction Manual. (2/68) 19121$15.00Add to Cart
General Radio1913-0100-AModel 1913 Recording Wave Analyzer: Instruction Manual. (2/68) 19131$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio1933-0100-D (01/1977) ID-6423Model GR1933 Precision Sound-Level Meter and Analyzer (GR 1940 Power Supply and Charger) Operating Manual Only. No Service Or Schematics. Copy GR19331$25.00Add to Cart
General Radio1934-0100-AModel 1934 Walsh-Healey Noise Exposure Meter: Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. (3/71) 19341$25.00Add to Cart
General Radio1944-0100-AModel 1944 Noise Dosimeter, Including 1944-9701 Noise Exposure Monitor and 1944-9702 Noise Exposure Indicator: Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. (8/73) 1944, 1944-9702,1944-97011$25.00Add to Cart
General Radio1944-0150-AModel 1944-I Noise Dosimeter: Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. (8/73) 1944-I, 1944-9704, 1944-97051$25.00Add to Cart
General Radio1945-0130-AModel GR 1945 Community Noise Analyzer: Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. (1/76) GR 19451$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio1954-0100-AMode 1954 Personal Noise Dosimeter, Including Noise Exposure Monitor Models1954-9700, 1954-9710, 1954-9730, 1954-9780, and Indicator Model 1954-9720: Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. (9/76) 1954, 1954-9700, 1954-9710, 1954-9730, 1954-9780, 1954-97201$25.00Add to Cart
General Radio1961-0100-CModels 1560-P42 Preamplifier, 1560-P62 Power Supply, 1972-9600 Preamplifier Adaptor, 1560-P40 Preamplifier, Microphones and Accessories: Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. (3/75) 1560-P42, 1560-P62, 1972-9600, 1560-P40,1$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio2238Precision Instrument: Operating Instruction Sheets. (6/7/57) 7001$5.00Add to Cart
General Radio2271-0116-AModels 2270,2271, 2272 Circuit Board Test Systems: Site Preparation Manual. (3/83) 2270,2271, 22721$160.00Add to Cart
General Radio2272-0146-BBoard Test Workstation: Preliminary Instruction Manual. (9/83) 227X1$50.00Add to Cart
General Radio2272-0147-BBoard Test Workstation: Test Library Programming Manual. (9/83) 227X1$50.00Add to Cart
General Radio2275-0104-ABoard Test Workstation Installation and Maintenance 22751$50.00Add to Cart
General Radio2300-5003-01Model 2300 Advanced Development System: Installation & Maintenance Instruction Manual. 23001$150.00Add to Cart
General Radio24160305 Rev H 5/83Model GR16 VLSI Test System: Product Description and Specification Manual. GR161$40.00Add to Cart
General Radio284CStandard Signal Generator Operations and Service Manual w/schematics 601-A1$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio2990-9159Portable Audiometer Calibration Kit Instructions & Parts breakdown 12/69 Original 15642$30.00Add to Cart
General Radio3000-AVariac Autotransformers [w/DURATRAK Construction] Operating Instructions W101$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio3000-AModel W10 Variac Autotransformer: Operating Instructions Sheet. W101$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio3003-A 3/59Adjustable Regulated Power Supply Operating Instructions. 1205-B1$15.00Add to Cart
General Radio3010-0120-CModel W2 Variac Autotransformers: Operating Instruction Sheet. W21$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio3010-0120-DVariac Adjustable Transformer [w/DURATRAK contact surface] Operating Instruction Sheets W23$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio3010-0120-EVariac Adjustable Autotransformers [w/DURATRAK contact surface] {12/64} W22$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio3010-0120-E, 917BModel W2 Variac Autotransformers: Operating Instruction Sheet. One (12/64), One Earlier Version. W22$15.00Add to Cart
General Radio3027-AModel 805-P2 Termination Unit: Operating Instruction Sheet. (2/60) 805-P21$5.00Add to Cart
General Radio3030-0100-CVariac Autotransformers [w/DURATRAK Construction] Operating Instructions W51$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio3030-0100-C,DModel W5 Variac Autotransformers: Operating Instruction Sheet. W52$15.00Add to Cart
General Radio3030-0100-EVariac Adjustable Autotransformers (with DURATRAK contact surface) Operating Instruction Sheets {08/66} W53$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio3030-0110-CMetered Variac Autotransformers (with DURATRAK coating process) Operating Instruction Sheets W5MT3A, W5MT3W, W5MT3AW1$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio3030-0120-DModel W5L Variac Autotransformers: Operating Instruction Sheet. W5L1$15.00Add to Cart
General Radio3030-0120-EVariac Adjustable Autotransformers [ w/DURATRAK contact surface] W5L1$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio3030-0130-BGanged Variac Autotransformers [w/DURATRAK Coating Process] Operating Instructions W5LG2 & W5LG31$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio3030-0130-FVariac Adjustable Autotransformers (with DURATRAK contact surface) Operating Instruction Sheets W5L14$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio3038-0100-AVariac Adjustable Autotransformers (with DURATRAK contact surface) Operating Instruction Sheets W85$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio3038-0100-AModel W8 Variac Adjustable Autotransformers: Operating Instruction Sheet. W81$10.00Add to Cart
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