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General Radio1607-0100-GModel 1607-A Transfer-Function and Immitance Bridge:Instruction Manual w/ Schematic. (8/66) 1607-A2$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio1607-0141, 1607-0141-BModel 1607-P41, 1607-P42, 1607-P43, 1607-P44 Transistor Mount Accessories: Operating Instruction. (3/65), (12/65) 1607-P41, 1607-P42, 1607-P43, 1607-P441$10.00Add to Cart
General Radio1607-0141-BTransistor Mount Accessories Operating Instruction Manual (1965) 1607-P41, 1607-P42, 1607-P43, 1607-P445$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio1610-0100-FCapacitance Measuring Assembly Operating Instruction Manual (1964) 1610-B/-B210$30.00Add to Cart
General Radio1610-0100-FModel 1610-B, 1610-B2 Capacitance Measuring Assembly: Operating Instructions. (6/64) 1610-B, 1610-B21$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio1613-0100-CCapacitance Bridges Instruction Manual w/ Schematics (1962) 1613-A, 1613-K3$30.00Add to Cart
General Radio1613-0100-CCapacitance Bridges Operating Instructions 1613-A and -K1$40.00Add to Cart
General Radio1616-0100-BModel 1616 Prcision Capacitance Bridge with 1621 Capacitance-Measurement System: Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. (11/71) 1621, 16161$100.00Add to Cart
General Radio1616-0100-D (12/1978) ID-5276Model GR1616 and GR1621 Precision capacitance bridge and measurement system operating manual GR1616 & GR16213$25.00Add to Cart
General Radio1616-0100-D (12/1978) ID-5276Model GR1616 and GR1621 Precision Capacitance Bridge And Measurement System Instruction Manual With Schematics GR1616 & GR16211$40.00Add to Cart
General Radio1617-0100-C (04/1968)Type 1617 Capacitance Bridge instruction manual w/schematics. 16171$35.00Add to Cart
General Radio1617-0100-EModel CR1617A capacitance bridge installation manual CR16171$25.00Add to Cart
General Radio1632-0100-EModel 1632-A Inductance Bridge and 1660-A Inductance Measuring Assembly: Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. Photocopy. (2/68) 1660-A,1632-A1$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio1633-0100-CIncremental Inductance Bridge & Inductance Measuring Assembly - Instruction Manual w/schematics, September 1967 1633A & 1630AV1$35.00Add to Cart
General Radio1640-0100-AModel 1640-A, 1640-AQ1 Slotted Line Recorder System with 1521-SL, 1521-SLQ1 Recorder and 900-LB Precision Slotted Line: Operating Instruction Manual. Copy. (3/65) 1640-A, 1640-AQ1,1$30.00Add to Cart
General Radio1640-0100-ASlotted Line Recorder System Operating Instructions 1640-A, -AQ11$30.00Add to Cart
General Radio1640-0100-ASlotted Line Recorder System Instruction Manual w/ Schematics (1965) 1640-A/AQ17$30.00Add to Cart
General Radio1641-0100-AModel 1641 Sweep -Frequency Reflectometer: Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. 1 Orig. 1 Copy (2/69) 16412$30.00Add to Cart
General Radio1641-0110-AModel 1641-9603 1-18 GHz RF Unit: Instruction Manual. (5/71) 1641-96032$15.00Add to Cart
General Radio1644-01000-F (1986)Model 1644 Megohm Bridge instruction manual 16441$25.00Add to Cart
General Radio1644-0100-C (11/1967)Model 1644-A Megohm Bridge Operating Manual Only. No Service Or Schematics. Copy 1644-A1$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio1650-0100-1 ID1321 (03/1967)Model 1650-A Impedance Bridge operation instructions 1650-A2$25.00Add to Cart
General Radio1650-0120-B (06/1970) ID-0100Model 1650-B impedance bridge operating manual 1650-B1$25.00Add to Cart
General Radio1652-0110-GModel 1652-A Resistance Limit Bridge: Operating Instructions w/ Schematics. (7/64) 1652-A1$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio1654-0100-AModel 1654 Impedance Comparator: Preliminary Manual w/ Schematics. (6/69) 16541$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio1656-0100-AModel 1656 Impedance Bridge: Instruction Manual. Photocopy. (9/70) 16561$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio1662-0100 BModel 1662 Resistance Limit Bridge: Instruction Manual w/Schematics. Photocopy. (9/70) 16621$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio1680-0100-EModel 1680-A Automatic Capacitance Bridge Assembly: Instruction Manual w/Schematics. (4/68) 1680-A1$100.00Add to Cart
General Radio1680-0100-EAuto Capacitance Bridge Assemby Instruction Manual w/ Schematics 1680-A1$75.00Add to Cart
General Radio1681-0 100-BAutomatic Impedance Comparator System Instruction Manual 16811$45.00Add to Cart
General Radio1681-0100-BModel 1681 Automatic Impedance Comparator System: Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. (1/69) 16811$60.00Add to Cart
General Radio1681-0-100-B, ID 2528Model 1681 Automatic Impedance Comparator System: Operating Manual w/ Schematics. 16811$65.00Add to Cart
General Radio1682-0100-AModel 1682 Automatic Capacitance Bridge: Condensed Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. (3/70) 16821$20.00Add to Cart
General Radio1682-0100-BModel 1682 Automatic Capacitance Bridge: Instruction Manual w/ Schematics. (11/70) 16822$60.00Add to Cart
General Radio1687-0120-B (04/1978)Model GR 1687 Megahertz LC Digibridge operating and service manual w/schematics and parts list. GR 16872$25.00Add to Cart
General Radio1687-0125-BModel GR 1687-B 1 Megaherts LC Digibridge impedance meter instruction manual GR 1687-B2$25.00Add to Cart
General Radio1689-0120-03Precision RLC Digibridge Instruction Manual (3/83). Missing Schematics & Parts List. Copy 16891$40.00Add to Cart
General Radio1689-0120-06 February 1992Precision RLC Digibridge, Instruction Manual with Schematics 1689/1689M1$60.00Add to Cart
General Radio1690-0110-EDielectric Sample Holder Operating Instructions 1690-A1$30.00Add to Cart
General Radio1703-0100-GType 1703-A Variac Speed Control for 1/6 HP D-C Shunt or Compound Motor - Operations & Service Sheet w/schematic 1703-A7$5.00Add to Cart
General Radio1730-0110 3/72Linear-Circuit Tester Instruction Manual. Includes Testing Specifications Revised November 1971. 1730:1$40.00Add to Cart
General Radio1731-0133-ALine IC Test System Instruction Manual w/ Schematics -- Parts and Diagrams Vol. 2 17311$85.00Add to Cart
General Radio1732-1805-04Digital IC Test System Instruction Manual -- Service Vol. 1 1732, 1732M1$80.00Add to Cart
General Radio1750-0100-CType 1750-A Sweep Drive Operating & Service Manual w/schematics (05/61) 1750-A12$35.00Add to Cart
General Radio1750-0100-CType 1750-A Sweep Drive Operating and Service Manual w/schematics (01/63) 1750-A4$30.00Add to Cart
General Radio1750-0100-C 3/61Sweep Drive Operating Instructions. 1750-A:1$15.00Add to Cart
General Radio1750-0100-DType 1750-A Sweep Drive Operations and Service Manual w/schematics (07/67) 1750-A1$35.00Add to Cart
General Radio1792-0124-A (04/1975...Changed: 07/1975)Model GR 1792A thru D Test Systems operating instructions (System VII) GR 1792A thru D1$40.00Add to Cart
General Radio1794-3809Test Program: Instruction Manual W/ Disket. (3/7/84) 22752$50.00Add to Cart
General Radio1796-0135-CGR CAPS-IX/APG for CAPS/APG Equipped Test Systems Instruction Manual CAPS-IX/APG1$85.00Add to Cart
General Radio1796-0137-CTest Systems and Programming Stations Test Programming Instruction Manual 1792, 1795, 1796, 1799, and 17972$60.00Add to Cart
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